I had the worst high of my life yesterday… Literally the worst thing I ever had to experience. Perhaps an anxiety attack? Who knows. I kept blacking out in the shower into like a dream-like state. Maybe I was falling asleep, I don’t know. But I couldn’t differentiate that dream state from reality. I finally realized that something wasn’t right. I started scratching at my face because it was completely numb. I got out of the shower and called my boyfriend. I was screaming and sobbing. I was hearing things and it felt like I was sinking into the ground. I couldn’t get a grip. I couldn’t remember anything for long. It ended up so bad that I told my mother. I was nauseous all day, throwing up several times. I was twitching all over my body, and I was really confused all day. And all night, I was waking up every hour. I still feel kind of foggy like I’m not real, but I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. I’m taking it as a sign to lay off the green for a while, as my grades aren’t that great, and if I can’t handle a substance responsibly, then I don’t think I should be using. It’s just not a good thing for me at present, and that’s fine.

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You're boyfriend is a nasty mother fucker.

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You're so cute.

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More like you are.



girls // the 1975

One moment I was tearing off your blouse,
Now you’re living in my house.
What happened to just messing around?

Ah, sitting in a hospital… What could be better? They just took my grandmother to surgery… We’re all nervous. There’s a large chance that she’ll be fine, but it’s still scary. I ask my followers to send healing vibes her way! Have a good day/night wherever you are.

"I thought you’d want what I want… Sorry, my dear."
- Send in the Clowns